Hello there, My name is Keerthi Vasan.G.C and I am a graduate student in Physics at the University of California, Davis. Ecstasy shots! is a place where I share my adventures, Awe moments and other cool stuff that I find in mathematics, physics and engineering.

I am helped a lot in this venture by a lot of my close friends who would like to remain anonymous. But although the blanket of Anonymity covers their identity, I feel that it is extremely important to acknowledge their existence.

Why Ecstasy Shots!?

This blog grew out of FYPhysics! on Tumblr which stood out as the playing grounds for developing my writing style and helping me understand how to present information to a general audience for over 4 years.

There are definitely parts of the blog which are purely technical but the rest of it is written in such a way that with a basic understanding of Algebra, Calculus and High school physics must be able to follow it with ease.

Hope you enjoy reading these posts! Feel free to send me a mail at : 153armstrong@gmail.com if you would like to share your thoughts, feedback, suggestions or just would like to discuss some cool stuff!


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