Happy Holidays!

May this holiday season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter.

We have wrapped up for this year and are taking a time off from blogging this holidays.

Have a wonderful time ahead. See you on the other side 🙂



This month on FYP!

This month marked the completion of two mini-series among other posts. We hope that these posts kindled your intellectual side and enhanced your appreciation of the physical world.

A Physicist ‘owned’ the US govt with dimensional analysis.

Exploring rolling shutter

Alternating wave patterns on Ropes

A note on Nuclear Fission (ELI5 version)

Thrust Vectoring  (Directional control in rockets and jets)

JunoCam  (A public science and outreach project)

Musical Physics by Nigel Stanford


Up, up and away – A mini-series

From stalls to really fast F1
cars, this weekend on FYPhysics! we have been breaking down the physics
of stalls, boundary layers, and F1 cars. In case you missed it out here
are the links to the posts:

1. Physics of stall  (All about stalls, flow over airfoil and boundary layers)

2. Vortex Generators ( How inducing a vortex helps an aircraft )

3. Wing Tip Vortices ( The why and how about wing tip vortex )

4. Have you heard about the popular y250 vortex on a F1 car? It’s amazing!

5. A note on Vapor cones (Bonus post)


Spider ‘O’ spider – A mini ‘web’ series

1. Spiders, webs and drugs

2. Is Spider web is stronger than kevlar ?

3, Spider silk + graphene = Mind Blowing Science

4. Torsional effects on spider silk

Have a good one!


Over the course of the weekend, the blog crossed the 100,000 followers mark. And I wanted to take a moment to thank you, the follower ( yes you! ) for making it all come true.

Without the continual positive feedback that I have been getting over the years from hundreds of you, it might have not been possible to power through every post.

Thank you so much!

Why is energy always quantized ?

You ask a very interesting question!

The fact that energy is quantized probably feels weird to you because you are looking at it from the real domain. We must expand our horizon to the Complex plane.

Energy is a continuous analytic function

When you move from one energy level to another, you are basically move from one Riemann surface to another and it is continuous !!!


Imagine it like those those swirling car parking places that go round and round. You get from one floor to the another rather smoothly right ?

BUT when you look at it from the outside, it feels as if you have jumped from one floor to the other, but in reality you just moved from one Reimann surface to another.


The same thing applies to energy as well.

I understand that’s a lot math. But I hope it helps 😀

How to Create a Laser (and a Maser)

The laser is an iconic technology, forever linked to the idea of scientific progress. So why was it nearly called a loser? In this physics lesson, Es Einsteinium gives an in-depth discussion on lasers, starting from the beginning, where you’ll learn about masers (the laser’s predecessor). Learn about the functions and purposes (or lack thereof) of masers and lasers such as space communication and fiber optics in this lesson!


Thanks for the submission Es Einsteinum! . Good job with the videos 😀

A step in the right direction

We have been blogging for over a year and we have reached an important place in this experience.

We want to know what you guys feel about the blog – topics that you
would like us to cover in the future – constructive criticism – anything
at all really that you feel would help us improve the blog.

You can reply, repost, message or even send an email (153armstrong@gmaill.com).

We would highly appreciate it . Thank you so much !

EDIT: Yesterday’s post was accidentally deleted .Hence the repost 🙂 Sorry!

Does Gasoline spoil ?

An anonymous follower asked if gasoline ever spoiled, considering gasoline derives it root from the dead and decayed. An enthralling question, to which i didn’t know the answer to.

But i did a bit of research and here is what i found. ( This is not a furnished answer by any standard, feel free to add along )

YES! Gasoline does spoil!

And it takes a couple of months to do so. There are a couple of reasons as to why it spoils:

Oxidation: Hydrocarbons present in gasoline react with the air that is existent in the tank. This leads to the degradation of the fuel.

Evaporation:  Gasoline is a
mixture of volatile, flammable liquid hydrocarbons derived from petroleum.
The most highly volatile components in gasoline also tend to evaporate
over time. As they do, the remaining fuel’s volatility and ability to
combust properly degrades. The less volatile the fuel, the less
effectively it burns in your engine.

* Other fuels such as Diesel also do spoil, but they take longer!

stabilisers are available for helping preserve fuel if you’re storing
your car or lawnmower for long periods.

Source : autoblog

The very best of FYP – 2015

2015 was a very special year for FYP.

The blog started out as any other a few months back, merely as a place to share a few interesting thoughts between two friends.


But it is now a medium for us to share the ecstasies that abstract the world and break deadlocks that might taunt us from within.

Here are the top FYP posts for the year 2015:

Gravity pwned – Acoustic Levitation


Where did the stars go?


Corona Discharge.


This is what happens when Two Black Holes Collide.


The fabric of Space and Time


Behold, Physics!


Meet Oobleck ( Corn Starch )- A Non- Newtonian Fluid!


Complex numbers are NOT complex!


Roller Coaster Physics.


Supermoon Lunar Eclipse


The Marangoni Effect – An affair with Surface Tension.


Perceiving Light at Trillion Frames per second !!


A big thank you to all the followers of the blog for your support and encouragement, for without wings a bird could never fly and likewise, we would have been dormant had it not been for a followers like you who insisted that we make it BIG.. Thanks a lot guys!

With Love,