Themed Series

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Beautiful Proofs

  1. Divergence of the harmonic series
  2. Euler’s sum
  3. Area under the sine curve

A friendly Introduction to Legendre differential equation and Legendre Polynomials

  1. Legendre Differential Equation (#1)
  2. Legendre Differential Equation (#2)
  3. Legendre Differential Equation (#3)
  4. Legendre Differential Equation (#4)


Tricks I wish I knew in High School

  1. Trigonometry (#1)
  2. On the definition of Angular momentum
  3. Finding n roots of unity – Intuition
  4. Trig formulas using De Moivre’s formula
  5. Understanding Doppler shift using Ripple tanks
  6. Why is wavelength important than frequency ?
  7. Using Complex numbers in Classical Mechanics



  1. Chandler Wobble
  2. Moons of Jupiter as seen by Galileo
  3. Emojis of the cosmos (Pareidolia in Space)
  4. On the orbital plane of planets and the sun in the sky
  5. How do we know how fast planets are rotating?
  6. ‘Starry Nights’, Turbulence and Adaptive optics
  7. What is at the center of our galaxy?
  8. The spectrometer: An astronomer’s most precious tool
  9. On the Milky way- Andromeda merger
  10. How to use the Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA) for research ?
  11. Importance of filters on Telescopes


Cool Engineering

  1. Pantograph and trains
  2. The humble Touch screen
  3. Understanding Pixels
  4. Exotic movements of the human eye
  5. The velcro and what lies beyond
  6. On Diffraction and the Helical structure of DNA


Fun Experiments

  1. Screens, Lasers and Symmetry
  2. Chocolate bar in Microwave ( Part- I )
  3. Chocolate bar in Microwave ( Part – II )

All about flights

  1. Aircraft operations in Infrared