Flow: A Fluid series

Flow is an ongoing Fluid Mechanics series where we explore the concepts of Fluid Mechanics with the aid of a slow motion camera as and when required. The following is a trailer to the series:

  1. Buoyancy
    1. Origins of the Buoyant force
    2. How do hot air balloons work?
    3. Note on average density and how do ships not sink ?
  2. Flow Instabilities
    1. Plateau- Rayleigh Instability

Gallery of Fluids (Ongoing)

I grew up with this beautiful book titled – “An album of fluid motion” which was put together by Milton Van Dyke from Stanford. It was an extraordinary display of fluid action caught on camera.

When I was pursuing the Flow Series and experimenting with a lot of fluid setups, I captured a few interesting photographs and began to compile them together. If you would like to know more about these images, send me and email at 153armstrong@gmail.com and I can help you set it up. Cheers!