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Posts on Condensed Matter:

  1. An exotic state of matter : Transparent Aluminum

Posts on Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology:

  1. You would not believe what it rains elsewhere in space.
  2. Meet Galle- The Happy Face crater from mars
  3. How do we know how far away the moon is ?
  4. Why did the earth start spinning and why does it still?
  5. The Miura fold : Making flat surfaces smaller
  6. Celestial wonders – Binary stars
  7. ISS is the third brightest object in the night sky!
  8. Expansion of the crab nebula(M1)
  9. Observations from Lick Observatory, 2018 [v1.0]
  10. On the strong 5577Å spectrum line
  11. Photographing airplanes from 4-m telescopes
  12. A note on the Hydrogen spectrum

Posts on Electricity and Magnetism:

  1. Do light bulbs twinkle?
  2. On the refractive Index
  3. Mars: Red Planet, Blue sunset?
  4. Wingardium Leviosa: Muggle version
  5. Jackson’s Laplacian in spherical Coordinates [Proof]

Posts on Classical Mechanics:

  1. Which would fall first in vacuum: A feather or a ball?
  2. Why don’t rain drops kill you?
  3. Types of damping

Posts on Acoustics, Sound and Fluid Mechanics:

  1. The Acoustic Sweet spot and why every spot is not a ‘sweet spot’
  2. How to photograph shock waves?

Fun Physics and engineering posts:

  1. News reporters debunked!
  2. Why do pirates wear eye patch?
  3. Vegas: Home to the world’s strongest beam of light
  4. Can dominos knock down the empire state building?
  5. How does an eraser work?
  6. Physics of the ballpoint pen
  7. Baffling Polymer ball behavior
  8. Mother nature’s irony on pollution
  9. Behold- Triboluminescence!
  10. Powering a 13W CFL bulb using a 3V battery
  11. Wingardium Leviosa: Muggle version